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Inbox Strategy was developed in 2011 as a full service email marketing agency dedicated to managing the email marketing efforts of various companies. We provide the superior knowledge and experience that is needed keep up with the ever-changing and increasingly more difficult industry. Due to the overwhelming need and limited supply for experienced email marketers, Inbox Strategy was developed to be a trusted source for all email marketing needs.

With over seven years of email marketing experience, I believe my qualifications match your needs. Inbox Strategy is designed to serve as an extension of your business; as an email marketing department successful in providing vision, strategy and leadership at a reduced cost. Some of the services of Inbox Strategy are mentioned below:




  • Review and analyze potential client’s email marketing program; prepare detailed assessment and action strategy for enhancing program performance.
  • Manage campaign production process from start to finish using client email service platforms; enable flexibility around client internal operations and ensure standard of flawless deployment.
  • Coordinate with sales teams and outside agencies to integrate advertising into marketing efforts.
  • Conduct assessment of sender reputation and deliverability, achieve maximum deliverability across all ISP’s through services including whitelisting, data cleansing and delisting from blacklists.
  • Report on results and insights on each marketing campaign, leveraging the data to improve future performance.
  • Develop and manage complex subscriber segmentations to accurately target marketing campaigns.
  • Create custom template designs to fit client brand and website, our technical specialists will ensure the newsletter renders correctly over all email clients.
  • Drive innovation in each email marketing program through the development of advanced email strategies, such as preference centers, complex segmentation, dynamic content, and new email types including trigger emails, welcome series, auto-responders, new promotional emails and additional content newsletters.


Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials and I look forward to the possibility of working together in the future. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss in detail.


Ralph N. Russo

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